Services & Prices

60X Custom Strings Authorized Dealer

Bow Tuning With Strings & Cables

$270- $300* 3 piece set with Custom Tuning

$295-$310* 4/5 piece set with Custom Tuning

Strings & cables plus tuning includes: cable & string install, peep sight install, D loop install, kisser button install, set cam timing & cam lean accordingly, paper tune, and final paper tune with YOU.  

*Prices vary based on color.  All Strings & Cables provided through 60X Strings & come with a 1 year guarantee on workmanship & services including peep adjustments, cam timing adjustments and D-loop replacement.  

Arrows grouped nicely

Bow Tuning Without Strings & Cables

$150 Custom Bow Tuning 

Note: Without string & cable change, long-term tuning results cannot be guaranteed due to condition of strings & cables.  

Fletched arrows

$80 Shop Rate per Hour for Misc Services - All Misc services other than Fletching and LabRadar performed at shop rate.  Labor Minimums and Labor Estimates shown below.  (Material prices not included and vary by manufacturer)

Minimum of $10, Est 5-10 minutes

Minimum of $20, Est 15 minutes

Minimum of $30, Est 20-25 minutes

Minimum of $40, Est 30 minutes

Fletching Arrows  $5/arrow 

Lab Radar $40/bow

 Interested in learning more or have any questions? Contact or 443-336-7731 for more information.