Bow Tuning... Tailored to you

Come visit the new local place for Marylanders to get custom tailored bow and crossbow tuning, bow and crossbow string replacements, and even archery advice. With over 30 years of bow tuning, archery, and hunting experience - give me a call or email and see how I can support the best hunting season of your life!

Welcome to Tagged Out Tuning, LLC. My name is Jason duCellier and I've been hunting, shooting archery, and tuning compound bows and crossbows for the past 30 years. Like all of you, I was on a constant quest to find a great place who could service my bows without driving 3 hours to Lancaster. Since there just wasn't one, I ended up learning all about it, working with the manufacturers, and started tuning for all my friends & family. I retired from PG County Corrections in 2020 and decided to start a new career. My commitment to you is that you now have a local bow tuning service that actually cares about YOU, cares about specialized tuning to YOU, and cares about customer service. I've set up the new shop with top of the line and custom-built equipment and now all appointments are taken there (same address, just new amazing digs - check out our facebook page for pictures). In the meantime, contact me for any needs you may have.


"Jason is incredibly knowledgable, he put new strings and cables, peep sight, and D loop on my new bow. He helped me dial it in until all my shots through paper were bullet holes. Highly recommend."

-Mike H.

"I recently took my new Mathews V-3 to Jason to set up my new bow. Cam timing, new strings, rest sight, peep sight, and paper tuned. It sure is great to have a knowledgeable bow mechanic with all top of the line equipment work

on my new bow. His pricing is reasonable, he is prompt, and gets it done the first time! I highly recommend Tagged Out Tunning for all of your compound and crossbow needs. You’ll be glad you did!"

-Rick S.

"I needed new strings and cables for my bow. I contacted Jason @ Tagged Out Tuning and he took care of ordering exactly the style and color strings I wanted. He set up everything quickly and in no time the bow was shooting bullet holes and had zero peep rotation. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks Jason”"

-Paul E.

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