Bow Tuning... Tailored to you

Come visit the new local place for Marylanders to get custom tailored bow tuning, bow string replacements, and even archery advice. With over 30 years of bow tuning, archery, and hunting experience - give me a call or email and see how I can support the best hunting season of your life!

Welcome to Tagged Out Tuning, LLC. My name is Jason duCellier and I've been hunting, shooting archery, and tuning compound bows for the past 30 years. Like all of you, I was on a constant quest to find a great place who could service my bows without driving 3 hours to Lancaster. Since there just wasn't one, I ended up learning all about it, working with the manufacturers, and started tuning for all my friends & family. I retired from PG County Corrections in 2020 and decided to start a new career. My commitment to you is that you now have a local bow tuning service that actually cares about YOU, cares about specialized tuning to YOU, and cares about customer service. I've set up the new shop with top of the line and custom-built equipment and now all appointments are taken there (same address, just new amazing digs - check out our facebook page for pictures). Contact me for any archery needs you may have!

Why is Tagged Out Tuning different?

You may notice my tuning prices are higher than your average big box store and there's a reason. An average bow tuning takes 2-3 hours of my time start to finish and usually 1-1.5 hours are spent directly with you one on one. Here's what the process looks like:

  • Call to make an appointment - I will discuss your needs with you and pick a time that works for both of our schedules for the initial drop off.

  • Drop off - When you drop off your bow and a few arrows, I have you shoot the bow through paper to understand where we are starting. I'll look the bow over, take some time to get to know you, and discuss any specific concerns you may have.

  • Factory spec tuning - After you leave, I'll ensure the bow is set to factory specs and begin the tuning process. This includes setting the D Loop, Center shot, Cam Timing, and Inspection of strings and cables. Then I begin the tuning process including paper tuning to ensure the bow shoots a perfect bullet hole before you even come back. Some bows need special attention, I provide this assessment at no extra cost and you will be informed along the way if I identify any issues that will cost additional. I do not just sell you parts or new bows (in fact I do not make my money off of inventory and I don't even sell bows), we find the root cause of any issues and get all aspects of your bow working together. Once the bow is perfectly tuned, we set up a 1-2 hour appointment that works for both of our schedules to tune the bow to you.

  • Bow tuning to you - While I take extra time throughout, this step is where we really stand out from your average tuning process. We start with you shooting through paper. I assess not only the paper tears but the shooter's form (grip & facial pressure are two of many things that critically affect tuning). I make small adjustments to the bow (such adjust D loop, shim Cams, adjust arrow rest) to fine tune it to the client. During the whole process, we are talking about your needs, everything that I'm doing so you know what has been done, and your setup to ensure the bow and you work in perfect unison. Finally, you are shooting a perfect bullet hole and leaving happy - but I stand my work and you can call me anytime with questions or concerns! Check out our reviews.

  • Note: When you buy 60X strings and cables along with a bow tuning, you get free visits for a year to verify your bow is still in tune, as well as free Peep sight adjustments, Cam timing adjustments, and D Loop replacements.